what is the best parkour and freerunning teams you think !!

what is the best parkour and freerunning teams you think !!

we have made a liste of top 10 parkour and freerunning teams witch we think are the best according to their qualities that we are going to describe later in this article , each team have their own style witch make it special and unique comparing to the other teams .

note well : this classification is not ordered . 

– Generation Yamakasy

are a group of friends coming from france have known since their youth. Co-Founders the « art of movement » are : 

 Charles Perrière, Chau Belle, William Belle, Yann Hnautra, Laurent Piemontesi, Guylain Boyeke, Malik Diouf, David Belle et Sébastien Foucan .

no traceur or freerunner doesn`t know about this team , this is the first parkour team ever witch contained the two most parkour celebrities , we are talking about David Belle who created and gaves the name of parkour and Sébastien Foucan who gaves the name of freerun .

 – 3RUN

3RUN is a world leading professional parkour team specialising in the Arts Of Movement – Parkour / Free Running, Martial Arts & Urban Acrobatics. Providing high impact, visually provoking movement sequences for Film, Television and Live events.

3RUN have developed an unrivalled level of experience based upon 10 years of professional performance, standing as a key influence over the development of Parkour and FreeRunning Worldwide. Versatility and a reputation for the most skilled Parkour and Free running athletes in the world apart from a number or Guiness World Records that they have smashed .

– Tempest Freerunning :

Brainchild of Paul “Diddy” Darnell, Tempest Freerunning was born in VA and raised in L.A. In 2007 Diddy linked up with Victor “Showtime” Lopez, Rich “Dickie Boy” King, and Gabe “Jaywalker” Nunez to create a team that would apply the power and force of a storm towards their passion for Freerunning.

Tempest set out to make a mark in the Freerunning world by adding style, creativity, and dedicated focus to the sport. 

tempest team contains different talented athletes : 















– storm freerunning

Storm Freerun is a UK London based, professional Parkour / Free running team.they are  specialised in delivering high impact choreographed performances .

Storm Freerun was formed in early 2010. A mix of renowned, underground and upcoming Freerunners from the UK.

They have some of the most experience coming out of the London area .

– storror 

Storror is a group of eight young lads from the UK who gained acclaim by documenting and publishing their entertaining and skillful Parkour based adventures on YouTube. Storror are now one of the worlds most successful teams,


known for their aggressive and renegade style of movement and breathtaking size of stunts. They now undertake international work in the form of live performance, commercials, coaching and guesting. It’s also possible to licence footage from their adventures for use in advertising, or hire the lads as a self sufficient production team for all range of inquiries. 

-Team Farang 



 a group of friends from different corners of the globe coming together to travel, explore and create.  eagerly anticipating whatever adventure would present itself. 

team Farang now is considered one of the most loved parkour teams in the world ,away  from parkour they are always making fun and enjoy moments in every place they visite , making some unique and creative movements that no one else can think about . That’s what being a Farang is about. Farang means foreigner.

The Farang Team contains : 

Pasha Petkuns – Latvia

Anan Anwar – Thailand

Dominic Di Tommaso – Australia

– Speeders 

speeders team is one of the oldest parkour teams ever . founded in Belgium by a group of 9 friends .

what makes that team special is the sole of team that they have , they are not focusing on youtube videos us much us practicing on events , circus , tv shows …

– Galizian urbane project 

Galizian Urban Project is a Parkour/Freerunning group originally from Galicia, Spain.

It was founded in 2007 by a small group of friends who are truly passionate about movement, training and discovering the world. 

      The group consists of 10 professional athletes with over 7 years of training in the discipline and 5 years of work in the world of street theater, workshops and performance. 


Galiziens have a very special and unique flow , concentrating on big jumps , precision and parkour techniques more than acrobatics makes this team one of the best . 

– Parkour Gaza 

Gaza Parkour team is the first team practice parkour in Palestine and from the early teams that appeared in the Arab world, was the beginning of the team in (2005) after the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Gaza Strip they have more than 15 member .

what makes that team special and one of the best is that they reached a good level of parkour and freerunning using no additional aid or equipment.

 the team would like to train elsewhere, but overpopulation in Gaza has caused residents to utilize and inhabit most structures.


Other than the run down facility, the team also trains in rubble filled structures outside the Khan Younis refugee camp and in the neighboring cemetery.

they are doing parkour to feel free Although they are under occupation .

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